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to the west of north beach. when you see them next to each other there is a sign of sheer or rotation if you will. in this sort of situation you can get short lived tornadoes. they may not be underground long. they get winds 60 to 90 miles an hour and it will do damage there. we have heavy rain going on within these bands of thunderstorms. as we extend it south of f bug now. you see that near -- fredericksburg now. you see that? we are looking at the storm a totals here and the purple area, you can ' that on the northern neck. that is six inch plus rains there and the dark green in to calvert and st. mary's county and a little stretch from western fairfax, prince william, south of stafford those are two to three inch totals. we are an inch or so here. these are doppler estimates. we will get ground observations coming in and you can e-mail those if you go to
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and submit a storm report or go to person and post it there for me -- bernstein and post it there for me. switch it over to our tighten computer. , we will show you the rain we have been watching. the lightning and thunder down there. a little in the northern neck but right now not as much lightning. just moving northward to southern maryland. may see lightning and thunder with that. back to the weather computer one more time and show you the potential for rainfall. off to the south and east, at least through midnight we are talking about some areas in eastern virginia down through the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore eight inches plus. >> wow! >> we are already five or six. so a foot down there would not be out of the question. flood warnings will be coming
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up and whatever precautions you have to take to get things high, maybe the basement if that is going to flood, make sure the sump pump is plugged in. temperatures low 70s southeast. upper 50s in martinsburg and cumberland and top off in the 75 to 80-degree range and winds gusting over 20 at pax river. expect that to pick up, as well. it is 4:82. angie -- 4:32. i hope people are staying off the roads. >> everything, a reminder, do not attempt to drive through standing water, especially a lot of high water covers dips in the roads. that can create dangerous situations. already seeing early morning problems. this is not this in the immediate viewing area but will impact drivers. 70 eastbound in howard county between columbia pike and the river bridge. that's where we have all eastbound lanes closed because of an overturned tractor- trailer. probably like this until 6:30
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this morning. as a result of this, you want to use route 40 or 99 as the alternate. take it over to 270. slick road conditions from frederick to the split but no major problems to get there. a water main break in chevy chase. this is willard road between river road and north park avenue. and that's where we have crews on the scene trying to get this under control. avoid the area. in to dc we go. inbound new york avenue, the drive is very wet. take it slow and watch for high water. 95 in virginia, we still are keeping an eye on an accident past 630 near stafford and overall you are doing okay trying to get to that micking bowl. andrea, over to you. as howard told us we are under a flood watch until 9:00 p.m. and jessica doyle is joining us live from alexandria where heavy rain always prompts concerns of flooding. the puddle near your foot is getting deeper, it seems.
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>> it is indeed and this is what people will see when they are driving an today and walking to work. this is a very good day to have go learn. we have puddles accumulating here in old town alexandria. i'm on king street where it terminates by the potomac river. we have a good view of the situation. i walked down there a short while ago. you can see the water is high. and we are pretty much close to low tide. low tide is 8 a.m. today. high tide at 1:00 p.m. that's a major concern because of the sheer quantity of rain that's coming down and very rossi. it is coming down quickly. so that is a lot of water dumped. the concern is flooding. we have a storm drain we will con to watch this morning. this will give you an indication of how quick the rain is coming down. it is coming down at a clip right now but not coming down in buckets so we will continue to watch that.
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i will walk over though this building here. old town alexandria, this is the home of the sandbag. there's a lot of flooding. four major historic floods in the last 20 year. major flooding in march when we had the snow melt going on and you can see here they have not sandbagged this area. so obviously these business owners have been through this before. maybe not so much concern today but we will continue to watch the situation to see if business owners show up and start to put sandbags on their businesses. andrea, back to you. our live team coverage of the weather cons with kristin issuer who's live from goose creek in loudoun county with more on conditions to our west. good morning, kristin. how's it look? >> reporter: good morning, andy. the creek looks pretty good so far. we were driving out here an hour ago from northwest dc and the drive was very difficult. the amount of rain and the extent to which it was falling was very impressive. it took us a half hour longer
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to get here than it normally would because we were driving so slowly in order to see. this is going to impact drivers as they try to make their way to work this morning. now, as you said, andrea, i'm standing on a bridge, just over goose creek in loudoun county, just outside of leesburg. show you what the conditions look like. this is the creek and you can see as of 2:30 this morning, the height of the river was measured to be at 1.2 feet. not too crazy. nothing too bad. but flood stage for this river is 12 feet. you can see we have a long way to go before we deal with any big issues right here. it's not expected to get anywhere near that as of now. but you can see the river is definitely starting to churn down there. we have been watching as the rate of flow of this river has certainly picked up. it is definitely going to be something 0 we are monitoring and watching as the rain continues to fall throughout
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the morning. as for the roadways in loudoun county, it is a little treacherous and could be more dicey as we get closer to the heart of the rush hour. a lot of puddles building up on the sides of roadways. a lot of standing water building up on exit ramps. that's something you want to watch for as you are driving or starting to head in to work this morning. another thing, if you are walking to work or standing outside, i mean i have been outside for maybe five minutes, literally standing here and i'm already soaked, head to toe. so you are definitely going to want an umbrella, rain gear, goloshes because the rain is coming down at a high rate and you will be soaked a minute or two standing outside. so bring the umbrellas this morning. back to you. >> the umbrellas, rain raincoats and boots. stay with 9 news now for continued coverage of the weather. go to for a live look
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at the storm from live doppler 9000 hd as it heads across our region. police arrested a man in connection with the shootings on u street. officers arrested 21-year-old brandon miller. he faces first-degree murder charges. miller has been ordered held without bond. court documents reveal that miller was the owner of a car seen in the area of a shooting and that several guns were recovered from his home. 21-year-old jamal coats died in tuesday's shooting. intelligence officials disrupt what they say were a series of plan terror plots across europe. a decorated athlete tests positive for a banned steroid. here's howard? >> -- no audio ] 3q
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authorities say terrorist groups were planning attacks on major cities in europe. and u.s. air strikes disrupted the plot. the attack is not seen as imminent, british security fishes are not raising the threat level as of yet. three-time tour de france champion has tested positive for a banned steroid in winning this year's race. a lab found a very small concentration of the substance in a urine sample taken in july at the tour. he has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. the senate is set to begin debit on a food safety bill. the measure would give the food and drug administration more power to prevent food bourn illness. if approved it would allow the food and drug administration to recall tainted products, increase inspections of food
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processors and require producers to follow stricter standards for keeping food safe. a vote is due after the midterm elections in november. 9 news now's continued coverage of the morning's heavy rain will continue when we return. and police search for the people responsible for a string of robberies in northern virginia. howard? >> the heavy torrential rains are moved in the area. some areas picked up two inches the last hour alone. moderate rain in most areas. devon lucie is joining me with a full report and the forecast when 9 news now returns. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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republic welcome back to -- welcome back to 9 news now. this is a live look at the roads in our area. the region is under a flood watch and we will be under the watch until 9:00 tonight. howard bernstein is here. the puddles are getting deeper and deeper. >> that's nothing. nothing. there are areas. checking out the one-hour storm
4:45 am
totals and the bands to the east, anne arundel, calvert county one to two inches in the last hour. >> wow. >> that tells you there will be some ponding and some streams and creeks coming up as well and we will see widespread flooding throughout the morning as heavy rains con to move in from the south. potentially a tornado watch will go to east and southeast. those areas east of 95 in southern maryland across the bay have a better chance of being a tornado watch. we have had some tornado warnings, doppler indicated this morning, off to the east. the counties west of the bay and in north carolina, up to southeastern virginia watches and tornado warnings down to the chesapeake right now. in virginia beach they have tornado warnings going on. no tornado warnings currently we are checking it. devon will join me in just a moment. but here we go with live doppler 9000 hd. and you can see the heavy rains that are falling across the metro and especially east and southeast. west of town, we have got
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moderate to occasionally heavy rain from hagerstown through southern loudoun county and out to culpeper, about to move in to you. but clearly you see the orange to our east and also south of fredericksburg. these are the areas that got the -- especially this line here. the one to two inch totals in the last hour alone. and that's why we think we are in for six inches plus in some areas. maybe ten-inches plus in some areas before the storm is over. here we are in washington. light to moderate rain going on here. from around baltimore south, 97 through eastern prince georges, western anne arundel and then go down through north beach, to leonardtown and in to the mouth of the river. this storm, by the way, between the northern neck and st. marys county, this one i think is going to wish issue a warning on it as it comes to st. mary's county. that could be the next tornado warning we are looking at and heavy rains also south of fredericksburg. devon, let's zoom in to calvert and st. mary's county where it is really coming down.
4:47 am
folks trying to come in on route 4 and route 2 it will be will have really, really tough. here's saint leonard over lusby. good luck. going to mechanicsville. and 301 by the way, moderate rains there, but it is torrential. from saint leonard south of lusby. again a very difficult ride this morning. all of this is lifting to the north. here we go. i believe these are the storm totals. one hour or three hour. >> storm total here. >> these are storm totals. i want to show you the numbers. these are storm totals not one hour. four inches here between hollywood and mechanicsville. we drop off to one to two inches in southern maryland and you can see the six-inch storm totals that are coming in the northern neck. we are just beginning. some of this is from yesterday, as well. and these heavy rains a little
4:48 am
stripe of it here. the two to three inch total from western fairfax through fredericksburg. go to the weather computer and show you the big picture. the moisture continues to stream north in a big way. there's the tornado watch box now. we think another will come to replace it as the storm lifts to the north. out in western maryland you have the light to moderate rain, as well. the national weather service has flood watches up and down the seaboard. no warnings yet. but with the totals we are seeing and heavy rains areas in st. mary's, anne arundel, calvert, maybe southeastern prince georges, charles, northern neck, you may get some flood warnings here in the next one 0 two hours if not sooner.
4:49 am
things are starting to pile up down there. the bus stop forecast for those who are making the trek this morning. heavy rain in many areas. upper 50sin the shenandoah valley to the low 70s in southern maryland and the eastern shore. sun is up at three minutes after 7:00. the day at a glance heavy rainfall throughout the day. perhaps it will taper off by 5:00 and we will see occasional lightning and thunder as highs climb to the upper 70s to near 80 south and east. we have code green air quality. no surprise there. everything is being cleared out by the rain. rain tapers to showers on the. lows in the mid-50s to low 60s. sunset 6:52. and then tomorrow, early showers, mainly east. otherwise partly sunny, breezy and 75 degrees. temperatures in the low 70s south and east. we're at 70 now. we climb to 70 in washington. 57 martinsburg. 60 winchester and national, as i said 70. the wind, north northeast here but off to our east the winds
4:50 am
are from the southeast. so you have that turning, if you will, in the low levels and that is helping to enhance the tornadic threat we have been talking about this morning. all thanks to the storm that's coming up. you can see down here. i want you to focus right there. just coming in out of south carolina in to north carolina. right there. south of raleigh. that's the area of low pressure and to the east of that, that's where you have that tornadic threat. meteorologist devon lucie has been hanging out with me all morning. he's in the web center and will show you a few things on-line and ask for your help. >> exactly. right now we have a lot of things going on the web this morning. if you go to the main page we have a lot of things there. interactive radar is the first thing you will find if you go to the home page when you bring it up. there it is. even on the home page you can sweep on the radar and zoom in if you want to and get to wherever you want, but if you log in to a interactive radar you will find the big screen and you can put on layer and track individual storm cells if
4:51 am
you want to, such as the storms in eastern washington that might be producing a few tornadoes or rotations as they are coming through. if you click on weather and say submit your storm report, you will find a report list. that will help us to know how much rain is falling at your house and where you are. a great indication of what is going on at your home. also if you want to take a photo and submit that you can do that. send it in to photos at also on facebook you can check us out there, facebook/ or on your twitter account you can hash tag your tweets with dc flood. we will get everything posted on-line at interactive radar, a great tool to have this morning. >> all right. send the storm reports in. before the seven day. look at this rainfall prediction from one of the computer models here. east and southeast of town, just southeast of town, eight inches plus, maybe locally a
4:52 am
foot in some areas. here in washington we are talking at least four to five or maybe six or seven. it will be a very, very wet day. at least through midday. perhaps a little less later this afternoon. 78 today and windy. 74 tomorrow. an early shower. look at the weekend. saturday 70. sunday 62 with a passing sprinkle and monday 65. you want to allow extra distance for breaking this morning. definitely going to need it. a tough drive for anyone who has to hit the road across the crewing area. the tieup we are watching, 70 eastbound all lanes are closed between columbia pike and the river bridge. that's because of an overturned tractor-trailer situation. the rain obviously not helping to cleanup matters much. as a result of this, we are hearing they plan to be out there to get this under control until 8 a.m.
4:53 am
so using 70 eastbound around this area will be out of the question. you want to use 40 or 99. take it to 95 an the bw parkway. we can stick with the maps. i can show you that 95 is starting fill out a little bit around route 32. no incidents toward the beltway and also on the bw parkway, nice and green. a nice, smooth commute. take it to the outer loop. great here. no incidents or accidents. volume early around the university area. we are tracking the beltway in virginia. looks like that we are dealing with a little bit of flooding on the off and on ramps. so you want to take it easy approaching those or coming off of them and still quiet on 395 making your way from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. andrea, over to you. in ornews this morning, one person is dead after a charter bus filled with parents and children overturned under the northbound sky ramp on to the i- 270 spur. it happened yesterday, just after 4:00 in the afternoon
4:54 am
along northbound 270 between rock ledge and montross road. police say the bus went off the side of the flyover ramp and landed 45 feet below. the driver, 66-year-old joseph a claybaugh died at the scene. the children on the bus were from carlisle, pennsylvania and were heading home from a trip to the national zoo when the accident happened. 11 passengers were hospitalized. the exact cause of the crash is under investigation. a rash of home and car break ins in fairfax county have police looking for a serial burglar. more than 80 incidents have been reported related to this serial burglar that has hit reston, fair oaks, mclean and sully. in all cases, residents were home asleep. the crooks are mainly going after money. the most recent break ins happened on wednesday in the oakton area. police don't know if there is one or more people committing the crimes. 9 news now's storm coverage will continue when we return.
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4:58 am
camera's view, is two players who collided beginning to scuffle. one parent stepped in, followed by many, many more. before long, a wave of angry dads streamed away from the field, pushing, shoving, punching. >> i think the coaches actually did that in front of us because that is a bad example for us. >> reporter: the melee included this, especially ugly moment. one patriot coach blind siding a father from the other team. a sucker punch to the back of the head while another young player nearby tried to play peacemaker encouraging the adults to settle down. it is obvious he had little success. fans watched stunned. >> shock. >> waiting and hoping it is going to end any minute. >> reporter: now what is inciting more anger and frustration is a decision by the local football league that banned kids from both teams from postseason play. even though it is clear the
4:59 am
parents were responsible for elevating a rough tackle between kids in to an all-out brawl between adults. >> i don't think it is fair they punish us for what the coaches did. >> that was jeff gore reporting. the league says the decision is final. it is 5:00 a.m. and we thank you for watching 9 news now. as we start our second hour of extended weather coverage. i'm andrea roane. angie goff is in the traffic center and she will have the report for you in just a moment. howard bernstein is here with a look at the forecast. flood watch, tornado watch, gusty winds. you have a full plate. >> flood warnings issued for much of the region. we will start with live doppler 9000 hd. it has been raining heavily for several hours now. it continues to really come down, especially south and east and all of this is moving to the north. so here in washington, while we may just have moderate rain just to the south, heavy rain is about to move in. an the torrential rains have been really coming down. now moving

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